International Shipping
PT Ocean Global shipping (OGS), a joint-corporation with China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO), is the first Indonesia-China joint venture company after the recovery of diplomatic ties between the two nations in 1992. This pioneer movement highlights GPI's bold vision in creating synergy between Indonesia and China via trading.

COSCO is public listed company ranked 405th in fortune Global 500 (2008). COSCO group operates a modern fleet of about 800 merchant ships with total tonnage over 50 million DWT and over 400 millions tons of annual shipping volume. Its services cover more than 1300 ports in 160 countries around the world.

COSCO Container Line (COSCON) is one of the world's leading global providers of integrated container shipping services. Currently owns 143 container ships, COSCON has had an aggregate capacity of 430,000 TEUS in 2008.

In dry bulk sector, COSCO BULK is one of the largest dry bulk shipping companies in the world who operates 320 ships with a total 22 million deadweight tons.

COSCO also had core competences in other fields namely Tanker Shipping, Port Terminal, Ship manufacturing, Container manufacturing, Property and Finance.

PT Ocean Global Shipping
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Ph. +62-21-381 0338, 381 0789
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International Shipping
PT Cosbulk Indonesia Global Shipping (CIG), another joint-venture between GPI Group and COSCO, has special focus on bulk-carrier fleet and services. Whether you have coals, minerals or other commodities, our bulk carriers are ready to serves you!.

PT Cosbulk Indonesia Global Shipping
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Jakarta 10120, Indonesia
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